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Office Management System
SAB IT SERVICES Travel portal helps you create a virtual desk for your company. A quick and easy way to book & track all office related travel requirements
  • Give login access to all the employees to raise business travel requests
  • Set approval cycles to accept, reject or re-schedule any business trip
  • Receive multiple quotes online and choose the best one
  • It is connected with database of clients and appoinments
Payroll System
Run unlimited Payslips in just one-click, anywhere, anytime. SAB IT SERVICES provides the best centralised platform for running quick and accurate payroll
  • Customize and design salary components to your need
  • Create and manage multiple salary structures for different roles
  • Get 100% accuracy and statutory compliance, effortlessly, every time
  • Employee self service - Access to salary details, pay slips, income tax planner etc.
Hospital Management System
Getting insured is the best thing you can do to shield your business as well as employees, to make them the most valuable assets
  • Submit any insurance requests to our registered service providers
  • Mention the type of insurances you need
  • View the list of submitted quotations from multiple paients
  • Choose the best quote and pay only for the insurances taken
Billing Software
SAB IT SERVICES invoice module let you track outgoing as well as incoming invoices. Add unlimited customers & vendors to track any payments
  • Add customer names / vendor names, along with the services working on
  • Add applicable tax names & tax percentages
  • Add approval steps for easy workflow
  • Users can set payment reminders, payment received or pending notifications as well
College Management SYSTEM
CMS is a software tools that enables group of technical and non-technical staff to store, create, edit, manage and publish a variety of content. Parents can have information of their child by SMS.
  • In this system includes Attendance,
  • Student Admissions,
  • Departments, Designation of faculty
  • It provides one centralized interface to manage all the departments underlying in the College.
Vistor Management System
Collaborate, Track and Progress on tasks with automated workflows. SAB IT SERVICES Vistor Management System provides an easy way to know work progress
  • Create monthly wise and card wise reports
  • Define roles, define who is performing what duty on a project-by-project basis as moment reports
  • Providing Crystal reports
  • Stay on track with Vehicals reports and vendors progress .
Support Ticket
SAB IT SERVICES brings to you an easy to use Admin based management by providing user a ticket number and details of time .To minimize compliance risks of users and increase productivity
  • Record your time and Date of users all in one system
  • Submit timesheets from anywhere, anytime
  • Track number of users per day on different reports and activities
  • Log both billable and nonbillable hours
Bio-Metric Attandance System
BIOMETRIC ATTANDANCE SYSTEM is designed for managing the attandance of persons in various fields such as Schools, Organisations, Industries etc.. Attendance is marked after person identification. Each person provided with unique id while registering into their fields.
  • This system has control to manage Attandance, Holidays, Leaves, Internal Transfers, Permissions and Reports.
  • AutomatiGenerating reports for Monthly Attandance, Movement Reports, Weekoff Reports, Movement Reports.
  • Move away from excel sheets and manual hiring process.
  • Bring all recruiters at one platform and track performance
Tours And Travels
Its an centralised management system for tours .For booking ,expenses ,travel time and date to admin.
  • Plan number of users moving to travel and there expenses to it
  • Customize forms by adding simple fields as per your requirement
  • Telephone directory for futher use to chat with customers and there details
  • Updating Tour plans
Matrimonial Management System
SAB IT SERVICES provides Management system for matrimonal to organise an better user guidence .
  • Create new users by just filling minimum fields
  • Add and manage unlimited users across multiple legal entities
  • Create and define type, gender, religion for each user
  • Assign apps to users as per requirement